Chinese Language course

Chinese Language beginner level 1

A fundamental Chinese course, 2 hour per session, 36 sessions for one level.

The course is suitable for non-Chinese speaker and have no Chinese language background, general course for anybody who like to start Chinese as a new language.

Chinese Language beginner level 2

An advance Chinese course, 2 hour per session, 36 sessions for one level.

The learners would expect to learn sufficient vocabulary and Chinese pronunciation rules to speak simply Chinese properly.


Commercial Chinese language (210 hours, 10 month course)

No prior knowledge of Chinese /international business is required, for university students in business subjects or business professionals who need to communicate with Chinese clients.


It is an intensive, functional and communicative business Chinese course.

During first 100 hours, only oral skills are required with the help of pinyin ( an alphabetical system of Chinese pronunciation). The last 110 hours helps learners to develop the balanced among listening, speaking, reading and writing for business purpose. The focus of teaching and learning at this stage should be placed on language use rather than language usage, and one a culturally appropriate manner rather than perfection of language used.



                                                                                 1 to 1 course, £70 +VAT per session.

                                                                      1 to small group ( up to 3), £150 +VAT per session.