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White Tea-- Baimudan

White Tea-- Baimudan


White tea is a natural & effective treat when you have a sort throat or nearly get a cold.



White Tea types:

silver needle, BaiMuDan, Gongmei

silver needle ( only buds)

BaiMuDan( mixed buds & leaves)
GongMei (only leaves)


Bai Mu Dan is the second finest White tea after Silver Needle. The tea is made from carefully picked tea buds and leaves from tea trees, undergoing just steaming and drying to leave it close to its natural state. Bai Mu Dan is known to have anti-toxin and cooling properties to help to decrease body heat.
The taste of this tea is smooth, delicate and highly refreshing.
Produced using 2 to 3 leaves and a bud proportion. Long and straight tea leaves. When steeped, the leaves slowly open up resembling petals of a peony blossom.